Brrrrrr…..I feel naked

dsc00564.jpgSomething very strange has happened to me this year and I will give all the credit in the world to the wonderful blog posts of my students. Their posts have inspired me to do more writing.  This is the first time in my life I actually want to write. I used to HATE writing with a passion. I despised, loathed and despised and loathed and and…I did not like it. I think part of it was that I know that I am not a naturally talented writer. I struggle. Another part is that I lacked a passionate voice. I never really wanted to write about anything. Well finally this year I wanted to write, I have a passionate voice inside me but now I am scared. What if I can’t put into words what that passionate voice inside me is saying? What if my blog ends up in the suck pile. I worry about starting a serious blog that tries to be meaningful but in the end falls flat of that goal. I do not want to write for myself, I am very motivated by the possibility of having an audience, but what happens if no one reads it, no one comments. Looking back at my previous posts I noticed that only one had any passion in it. The others were “safe” posts. No risk to my ego. So do I attempt to unleash the writer in me and try for a meaningful blog that might be read by other teachers and students, or do I just keep posting slide shows of other people’s pictures.

This is the post that made me realize just how hard it is to blog — expose yourself to the public. I suddenly feel naked. Brrrrrrr…….


  1. Okay I think that was a really good post. To get more people to read and comment your blog posts then write about what is going on with you in YOUR life and have the titles be more interesting, have them grab the readers attention. I hope that works for you and good luck!!! And I’m glad we have made to want to write this year. That IS a good thing.

  2. just taking your joke now, is that a minor league baseball field up on the top of your blog=]. i agree with you i never like the write but now with blogs i feel that to people and telling people about myself really makes it easier.

  3. I really think you should go for it. We never know how good we are at something unless we try. And if we don’t try, we may never know how good (or bad)we actually were at doing it. If you think you have it in you to start writing, you should do it. Do what you think you should do, go for it and try it(who knows, maybe it will be a hit!), or not do it, and possibly regret it in the end. It whatever you think you should do.

  4. This reminds me of a poem I once heard:

    Whenever you think
    Should I do this or not
    Just get it over with
    And throw away that thought

    Cause the things you don’t do
    You’ll regret a whole lot
    And if things turn out bad
    It’s just another lesson taught.

    Think about it.

  5. I think that was a very personal blog. I thought it was cute how you put at the end Brrrrrrr… and that you feel naked, that was funny. I just hope that people will comment me more on my blog. If you were to look I have picked random people to blog. Sometimes if someone comments on me I comment on them. I just hope that you will comment on one of mine soon.

  6. I appreciate your comment, thanks.
    All you need to do to keep your blog from the suck pile is to keep working on it.
    After you walk through the door are you the type of person that says “Here I am!” or do you say “There you are!’
    I would say “Here I am” incase no-one was in the room at the time. I would look round after saying this, and if there happened to be some-one in the room I would then say “& there you are!”

  7. wow, thats really good.
    that is so true too. like i want people to read my bl0gs too, so maybe if you express yourself, theres something more to read and people get to know about you.. kinda?


    great post.


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