How would more laptop carts would improve instruction?


I was recently sent an email that asked the following question:

The Bd. Of Education has asked how more laptop carts would improve instruction. If anyone has any thoughts they would like me to share, please email them to me.

I am going to respond and I would like to include thoughts and quotes from students as well as mine. Let me know what you think!


  1. I think that laptop carts will help improve instruction because it will help individual instruction and help to work together as a class. I think that by having more laptop carts it will be easier to have access to computers than just havinga computer lab.

  2. I believe that we could use more laptops because it would be easier to access computers in the classroom instead of going to the computer lab or the library. Also more laptops would be better because we wouldn’t have to request time in the library or the computerlab. It would be easier for students to just grab a laptop and get started right away.

  3. Hi Blogush,
    I think that if there were more laptop carts there would be more instruction. I think that the way you are teaching class this year is great and if we got to use laptop carts eeach day we would be able to interact with our fellow students. Also we wouldn’t have to tie up the library or the computer lab. There would be more computers for everyone to use. Also as airhead said, it would be “easy access” to computers.

  4. More laptop carts would improve instruction because currently what we can do on the computer is really limited. There is an unimaginable amount of information out on the internet that could help improve our education and learning, but its held back from us because of the shortage on good and working laptops in our schools. When kids get to work on the computer it immediatley sparks their interest and therefore helps improve their quality of work just because of the fact that they are interested. Kids actually look forward to going to social studies class because of the technology used but more kids would probably get the oppurtunity to do more things on the internet if their were more laptops.

  5. More laptop carts would increase the amount of collaborating we do in class. Instead of having to go to the computer lab or library, the laptops would be right there to use. I know that I always look forward to social studies class because we use resources such as the wiki and blogs. Easy access to laptops would make people excited about class, and maybe it would get other teams interested in using tools like blogs and wikis.

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