Need your help!

I am working on a triple secret project and need you help.  I need the 100 most common phrases that teachers say.  Leave them in the comment box please.

I will take the simple one:

“Do your homework.”


  1. spit out your gum,
    take your seats,
    be quiet,
    take out your homework,
    raise your hand,
    stop speaking out
    your homework is…. bla bla bla
    turn to page…. bla bla bla
    hand in ______ here
    pass up your papers
    i need a vacation =]
    you need to study… bla bla
    you have a test/ quiz tomorrow
    get your test signed

    – ice22

  2. well i dont think you got the comment b4 this but this is what i think they say alot
    “spit out your gum”
    “here are your tests”
    “your homeworkk is due…”

  3. -raise your hand.
    –lower your voices.
    —one at a time.
    —-everyone be quiet.
    —–get your homework ready, im coming around to check it.
    ——line up at the door.
    —–go get your lunches.
    —-as long as you try..
    —settle down.
    –lets try stay on task.
    -test time!

    this SO counts as two comments. :].

  4. study for…every night
    the average grade was…
    i am happy with your test/quiz grades

    i am not happy with your test/quiz grades
    you have__ minutes until your test is due

    no gum is allowed

    no more rumors

    my subject is more important than all others(because every teacher except for LA said that there subject is the most important)

    Do you want to go to the princible office

    Get to work

  5. -Why do you have gum
    -These tests were horible
    -Why did you do that, that’s not the right answer
    -Be quiet
    -Your going to get a detention
    -Where is your homework
    –that’s what I hear the most!

  6. Here are some “phrases…”

    1. “Pay attention”
    2. “No passing notes”
    3. “Pencils down”
    4. “No talking”
    5. “Any volunteers?”

  7. After reading all of these, I think most phrases were covered. A lot are kind of harsh…

    I read wrong at least 3 times… How about “Correct” or “Right”?

  8. The most common one for me is… well… the most common one I hear is shhhhhhhhhhh. Or it will be something like, ” Lets go over the homework.” But surprisingly, I hear some weird things like… something like… “Stop picking that fly off your shoe!” or,”I hope that you’re going to wash your hands after you did that.” 🙂 lol.

  9. I will say…that one about the fly on the shoe was in my class and it was just a strange thing….funny, but strange. I hope he washed his hands after that. 🙂

  10. ~can you at least pretend to pay attention?
    ~quiet down
    ~homework for tomorrow is……
    ~these tests were…disappointing.
    ~we covered this 5 times!
    ~your supposed to use the bathroom at lunch, not during class.
    volunteers? …anyone?…….anyone?………..

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