Are you safe?

Dave Sherman wrote in his blog:

Some people seem to think that school administrators have gone overboard with school security. They think we are spending too much time and money to secure our schools, when we should really be spending our resources on teaching and learning only.

Is this what you think, too? Are we just paranoid that something bad may happen in our schools because there have been a handful of school shootings in the last decade? Should we stop all this security talk? As I write this, I am preparing for our very first lock down drill with our students (see previous post). Is it all a waste of time?

In a report from the NCES they start their findings by saying:

Our nation’s schools should be safe havens for teaching and learning, free of crime and violence. Any instance of crime or violence at school not only affects the individuals involved but also may disrupt the educational process and affect bystanders, the school itself, and the surrounding community (Henry 2000).

Many statistics show that violence in schools are decreasing. The chart below from the NCES report shows the percentage of students ages 12–18 who reported criminal victimization at school during the previous 6 months, by type of victimization:


In talking to adults they believe wholeheartedly that children are at a much higher risk of being a victim of violence today than when they were they were kids. What is the truth? I ask you…do you feel safe in school? Have there been times that you did not feel safe? What were those times. I am looking for some really honest answers to start a discussion. The adults in the building and society have ideas that aren’t always based in reality. What is reality? Is worrying about security a waste of time? Are you safe?


  1. i feel somewhat same in school. i don’t usually think about it, but if someone came in with a gun, so we did a lock down, what is going to stop them from coming into a room? just because the lights are off and the doors are locked , doesn’t mean they will think “oh, i guess everyone left. I should go home.” they can break the window and come right on in.

  2. I agree with the previous comment (from findingemo) because they can someone can easily cause harm and violence to our student body. However, doing the lockdowns make people feel better in a way because if something unfortunate does happen to our school then at least we have a plan that we can follow through with. Therefore, I do believe that we should continue with lockdowns because it makes students and the parents feel like the school has a safer envirorment.

  3. I agree with the smilealways3 and in case something “bad” were to happen at least we would know how to act and what to do. Also, I agree with the fact that this stuff that we do is somewhat a waste of time because, what if a really crazy person came and broke into our school and they told us to follow the blue and white schedule the crazy person could have a whole bunch of support(like have 10 other men to help him.) and he would be able to break into alot of classrooms by breaking the glass of the doors. We woulnd’t really be all that safe. But I kind of still agree with having the lockdown drills just so we know what to do “if” something like that should happen to “out” school!

  4. Personally, I really don’t like lockdowns and I know a lot of people don’t either. I agree with FindingEmo, but I’ve got to admit having a lockdown drill is better than sitting in the room with an open door and the lights on you know? I definitely do not agree one bit with spending less money on keeping us safe, nobody’s going to learn anyway if they’re constantly worrying about their safety especially with all the new weapons that are comming out today.

  5. I agree with italiansoccer10 and findingemo, the people aren’t just going to leave because it is quiet and the doors are locked. If the wanted to they could just smash a window, go in, and do what they please. This is a really great blog post, you have good points and totally support your opinions(did i spell that right?) Good job!
    p.s.- no one else wrote anything when i looked, so i kind of had to vote yours.

  6. I never realy though about if i was ever safe in school, because i always figured they had us protected. I never relized a criminal can come in to are school and kill us. This post made me realize that i am in-danger every were i go and thats why i chose this blog post over everyone elses.

    Great blog post!

  7. By the graphs I think we are sasfer than we use to be. I also think we should spend the money on school thingws than on security. I mean when have we ever had a threat at school about a bomb. We always have practice drills for fires or if someone entered the school to hurt us. I don’t think they are necessary.

  8. I feel safe in school most of the time, but i do agree with everyone else when they say that if there is a lockdown and the lights get shut off then the person won’t just go away. I also agree that there is a higher risk of violence than there was in the past. I think that there should be more security in school if kids don’t feel safe, because if there was every any violence then more security would help the situation a lot.

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