What is the soundtrack for your classroom?

I have often joked around with the kids that it would be really cool if everyone walked around with their own personal theme song playing out loud. There have been years where I have actually played music for each kid as they walked to the front of the class to make a presentation. It was very cool. The type of music you listen to really tells someone else a lot about you that they can’t tell from looking at you or even after having a conversation with you. What would you play for the class and make an entrance to?

Here is mine:

I would start off with a modified version of the announcement that KISS uses before every show. “YOU WANTED THE BEST, YOU’VE GOT THE BEST, YOU’VE COME TO THE GREATEST CLASS IN THE WORLD!!!” Why not start with high expectations! The class would go wild at this point and I would enter with choreographed moves to Alan Parsons song Sirius followed up with introductions of the students(Think Chicago Bulls opening music). I actually started the last unit by handing out the guidelines to their project to Sirius. All I needed was a roaming spotlight.

Since you have spent the last 30 seconds of your life reading this, why not take 15 more seconds and leave a comment with the music that would be the soundtrack for your life!

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