1. well
    it took me a week to figure it out but my sister gave it to me. i thought that it ment that what would i do if i knew i would not fail. i still can’t think of one thing but i got five. i was gonna ask you the same question in class but i forgot too.


  2. Hey Mr Paul
    NICE! That looks really cool. I see this experiment is very wise. Let me try to paste my URL into Wordle and see how it goes. I can see your major title is “Students”. You must have mentioned the word most commonly to have gotten it in large type. 🙂
    Yes I agree, Wordle is a fantastic site and whoever created it sure has talent! Don’t you think? Speaking of ‘Talent’, your students are very talented themselves and they use amazing things to mention in their posts! I’m really enjoying reading their blog posts and commenting.
    Anyway, I loved your Wordle! Very amusing!!

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