Morning Announcements…a twist

If you drive down the highways in Connecticut you’ll come across signs in each college town stating what sport championships have been won by the local college team. When I see them all I can think about is each one is probably worth about 5 laptops.

Every morning in school we have announcements. There is the smattering of random school stuff, and then the listing of every kid that played in the basketball games and how many points they scored. Apparently it is more important to tell us about someone who scored 4 points in a basketball game than describing a student’s feats in the classroom. There is no mention of anything celebrating the actual reason why we haul the kid’s butts into school each morning.

Why not? Well first of all the re-cap of most classes would probably be pretty boring.

(Please use your best sports announcer voice)

Today Mr. Smith handed out 30 worksheets and watched the students read their textbooks as they answered the questions. 26 out of the 30 were handed in at the end of class. He also collected and reviewed the questions from chapter 3, and reminded the students to make sure you study for tomorrow’s test.

So I decided to write one up to be read this week.

Yesterday Mr. Bogush’s class played DJs presenting the story of Lewis and Clark to a live audience around the world. Ashley scored 97 points, Cameron scored 94, and Kristen was the MVP with 100 points. Joe made an incredible rebound after slacking off the first two days of the project to score 90 points. Anna started off strong, but missed nearly the entire 2nd half because she had to get her braces taken off. Rachel saved the day with an assist in the final minute stepping in to help a group that had a member absent. Bogush’s class will advance to work with the Raiders of Arkansas in a collaborative project next week.

Hmmmmm….I’ll have to work on it a bit more 😉

For now I am working on better opening to each class.  I am thinking of getting a really big spot light and doing something like what is in the video below.  Now this would be a great way to start class!



  1. @ Paul
    An interesting post. The focus on sports in high school is certainly there. My state champion soccer coach recently approached me about allocating funds for jackets for the players to celebrate the championship. We’ve already spent around three thousand on chartered fan busses to attend the state tournament. What’s another 3k on jackets? Right? In the meantime my art teacher needs computers. I realize athletics play an important part in children’s lives and I personally benefitted from my experiences on the football field, hockey rink, and ball diamond.

    Every year I am amazed at the dollars supporting our boosters but when i mention a few k for something academic it’s like I’m asking for donations for Bernie Madoff’s defense fund.

  2. Update: Our principal thinks it would be a great idea to have announcements of ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT and IMPLEMENTATION!

    Idea #1: Class average on test(s) if exceptionally good.
    Idea #2: “Today in Miss Teacher X’s classroom, students will be starting their Animoto.com videos on the Civil War.”
    Idea #3: :”Today in Mr. Teacher X’s classroom, students will be microblogging answers to questions on their secure online community, Edmodo.com”

    Reaction: Would other teachers be jealous and envious or step up to the plate and match the great things going on in other teacher’s classrooms?

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