You should be a teacher…

Four years ago on one of the last days of 8th Grade I pulled a girl out into the hallway and told her she “You should be a teacher.”  It was the first and last time I have ever given career advice.  There was just something special about her.  She had that “thing” that “spirit” that “soul” that “mojo” that “spark” that just made her stand out.  She taught me so much about how to teach, what is important in a classroom, and how to look inside of each kid.  She is the kid that teachers wish they had a whole classrooms of, the kid that any parent should be proud of.   She has stayed in contact with me ever since, visiting a couple of times each year.  After each visit I reflect more deeply upon who I am as a teacher.  She leaves me with hope, and a little more courage to continue doing what I doing in the classroom.   It is one of my greatest joys as a teacher to have a student return to share with me what has been going on in their life.  When she came back to visit this week I could not help thinking through the entire conversation that I hope one day my daughters grow up to be just like her. She is a magical young lady.  I am so proud of her.

And…she’s going to become a teacher 🙂

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