1. karen7

    Haha, i laughed when i saw this. You did the same thing in our class, were do you learn this stuff? Well were ever you get it from it seems to work.

    :) Karen :)

  2. Bill Genereux

    Ah yes, the brain-drain is a classic and I love how you handled it. All I can ever think of is the brain-dead response. My kids try to suck me into an argument, and I give them the old Addams Family-Lurch groan Uuuuhhhh! It really helps to take on a glassy stare and let a small amount of drool run out of the corner of your mouth.

    Your way is far more creative, but my way works in pinch when you really don’t want to have to work so hard.

  3. Brilliant. I laughed and laughed.
    “Me-Fine, just as long as they don’t eat my goose that lays the golden eggs.”

    my journey here came through the land of ~ Days In a Sentence.

  4. Kristen I edited your comment because you identified the people involved. This was suppose to just be a simple story about using humor to diffuse anger. The only people who could even begin to understand what actually happened where the people who were there. That is why I changed the names, and added and deleted lines. To make this not an actual representation of what happened, but just an example of how humor can over power anger.
    Mr. B

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