Significant Objects

The Significant Objects Unit post has been moved from Blogush to a site I have under construction. Frankly I thought it was of the best things we have ever done, but somehow the post does not reflect what we had to do and the complexity of the project,  and the fact that the goal of the project has been a complete and total flop.  If it wasn’t for my wife and friends feeling bad for me and donating…well…so I just need to move it off of here so I no longer see it (thanks also to 2 online buds for donating).

If anyone would like to visit the link above and give me advice on how to be more successful with the ultimate goal of the project, getting people to click on a link and donate funds for Monique Clinique,  I am all ears.   Really, I am.  I repeat…I would really, really like to get some advice on how to move people to donate for our items.  I kind of feel like I really let the kids down.  I had them all pumped up and then….nothing.  I would like to do this project again, and…one more time… could really use some help figuring out what to do differently.

I am pretty raw about it…I should stop here.


    1. One kid…but decided that the object had been sitting under his bed for years collecting dust long enough.

      I think several kids ended up feeling very proud that their object might be responsible for making a difference in someone’s life. The same thing was true for kids who made their object from scratch, from the fancy musket ball, to simply burning a piece of wood.

  1. This sounds like a fun project. I like how you explained the processes and why you did them, like why you photographed from the side and why you added a nickel for perspective. Great post!

  2. I’m not sure how to help you get more donations, but I really liked some of the stories. The one with the triangle clock and the number 7 and the key to the resting place were all very good. It reminded me a lot of National Treasure.

    I would defiantly not work to make the project less messy. Le the kids struggle. It is the heardest thing for a teacher to do.

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