The Aliens have landed, and they all got jobs as…

Jabiz Raisdana sent out a tweet last week about Sound Cloud.  The tweet, and his post prompted me to dust off my guitar today to experiment with Sound Cloud.  Even if you don’t play guitar, buy a cheap one and bring it into school.  Just taking it out of the case makes kids swarm around you and listen to anything you will say in anticipation of a song.  When my daughter saw my case come out she ran to it and started rummaging through the many old songs sheets that I used to play.  She choose one of her favorites as the first one to be played and recorded.  So here you go, you might think it is a song about aliens, but listen to the end, it is actually a song about teachers.
The Aliens Have Landed by paulbogush


  1. Love it, Paul! Good to hear the vocals and guitar! However, I have a question for you, how did you embed this audio into the blog. Did you simply go to insert audio and it appeared with the play button in edublogs or did you have to add some code for the play button and audio.

  2. Hey Paul,

    I am wondering if you ever accept guest posts? I am trying to raise awareness about a really cool world-wide chemistry experiment that I think students will really enjoy and hopefully help spark their interest in science. It’s a great hands-on project being sponsored by the International Year of Chemistry for all elementary school and high school students, and
    to get my message out to teachers and students I’m reaching out to sites like Blogush asking to submit a guest article, so if that is something you would consider I would be happy to send one along for review, just let me know! Thank you!


    Alan Parker

  3. Another use would be for someone who has to give a speech; they could record a part of it, and the students could provide their feedback – your voice is too quiet here or you need a lot more enthusiasm at this point.
    Won’t be used anytime soon in my school though, because my school board blocks the Soundcloud site. Sigh.

  4. You could also read a short passage and allow students to demonstrate their use of reading strategies; questioning, making connections, inferring, visualizing etc. by adding in their comments at the place where their use occurred and then explaining what they did.

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