1. I have never given my students a formal evaluation like that. I have always had “reflection” sessions where we discuss the course generally, what worked and what didn’t. However, doing it your way does seem very helpful and I am surely going to apply it next year. Must admit it does sound scary. Thanks Paul, great post

  2. Paul
    I, too, followed Larry’s posts but I did not follow his lead (yet). But I love how you are reflecting on the students’ experiences. I think the new wave of teacher evaluation will have some of these components in them, right? Letting students have input into teacher evaluations was a hot topic at a recent staff gathering of ours.

  3. Mindy

    I just did this and found the results to be so valuable. I plan on doing another at the end of the year to see if I made any growth. Student responses for the fill in portion was by far the most eye opening. Thanks for the great ideas.

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