Staff Meeting Bingo

I have been reading a lot of the fine print from the new CT ed-reform law.  The amount of data and jobs we will have in reaction to the data is mind boggling.  The superintendent is making a special visit just to inform us about one piece of it.  It just seems that every staff meeting is about some new law, some new rule, some new task we have to do.  I don’t blame our admins that we have had.  When CT passes a new bullying law, the “expert” has to come and talk to us.  We are starting CCSS, so the “expert” has to come and talk to us.  Someone somewhere in government even makes sure that every year we sit and watch the same video telling us to stay away from any blood that we might find.  It seems every staff meeting is held to tell us about a new change and the extra work that is involved with it.  It is hard to keep track of all the jargon being thrown around, so I have developed this helpful aid below:
staff meeting bingo



  1. We could use the same bingo card for meetings in our district, although I’d need to squeeze in “best practice” and “professional leaning communities”.

    Our admins tend to talk in cliches instead of discussing real instructional change.

    1. PLCs have not hit us yet.

      I really don’t blame the building admins. It is basically what they “have” to discuss. I just wish it was not so…

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