I asked my daughter what I should title this post and she shouted back “BEWARE!”

When Gmail was created, I opened an account.  I also opened one for my two daughters now ages 14 and 10.  My daughters have grown up with their accounts.  They email friends and family, and utilize presentations and docs for their school work.  They can share docs, collaborate with school mates, and send their presentations in through email instead of hauling around a flash drive.  My 10 year old has quite a collection of school work in google Drive from past years and this current year.

Apparently today when my 10 year old logged onto her account she was asked for her birthday…and so she did…and the following message popped up:

google 1


My daughter was logging on to complete her homework that was half done on a google doc.  It was now gone.  Worse though, was her letter to Santa that was forever frozen behind the Google legal wall.  All of my kid’s work is no longer accessible to her.

If you would like to prove that you kid is older than 13 you have to click and prove it…


If you decide to give in and pay $.30 you can buy your kids documents back.

I created this account.  I called the account anniebogush, which happened to be my daughter’s name, and my daughter accidentally gave her birthday on an account that I share with her, so I decided to click “agree.”



Apparently, that, and my 30 cents was good enough for google.



  1. Wow. Both our girls have gmail accounts. So far they only use them for emailing family, mostly, but some friends. The 9 year old is really starting to do so independently (including emailing her principal recently to propose an after school drama club) but the 5 year old still needs us there. Neither of them has gotten into google docs or things. That said, I’m grateful for the warning here. I’ll have to talk to them (at least the older one) to ensure she doesn’t innocently enter an accurate birth date.

    1. That has me thinking…I must have also done the same in order to open them. So did google then scan my daughters info to figure out she was younder than 13??

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