I am intrigued by the idea of passion.

Is it the most important thing a teacher can have?

I am intrigued by what is passion? how do we develop one? how do we discover one?

What is a teacher’s role in students’ passion? in developing one…in helping them discover one.

I wonder if passion is the most important characteristic of someone considering becoming a teacher, in college, just starting, or a 30 year veteran…

I started making a video for one group in school and it wasn’t going to be used so I tweaked it a bit for this post.

While anyone could get something from the video, I would be particularly interested in discussing it with pre-service teachers.

Without passion…what is a teacher?

Without passion…what are students?


The first video below is the longer rawking version, the second is the quieter, shorter version.

Passionate Teachers from Paul Bogush on Vimeo.




  1. I am a preschool teacher…so if I made a video it might look quite different. And I’m not so good with heights. But teaching is about passion…for both teachers and students. passion is what drives a community of learners as well as individual dreamers.

  2. I love these.

    My son goes to freeschool at a friend’s house, with about 7 kids. I sent this to the adult who facilitates it. I think the kids will love it.

  3. My initial reaction was to remember my favorite courses in college. They weren’t ones that I initially cared about the most, but the professors’ passion for the subject (literary theory, Mozart, world religions) made me greatly enjoy the classes.

    Passion, at least in some form, is certainly one of the things that I most notice about teachers I respect. It doesn’t always look exactly the same, but it’s always there.

  4. I really enjoyed your video, the use of video and written text across the screen was very engaging as a viewer. I teach 1st grade and agree with your video in that children have to be passionate about something but that passion is not given to them it must grow. Thinking about my students I see passions in sports, music and specific subjects but it will be interesting to see where their passions go over the next few years. Great post, it really made me think about instilling passion in my students!

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