Mailboxes…please help me deliver

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Last year after “the blizzard” I suddenly noticed something in town that I had previously ignored.  Mailboxes.  I probably noticed them because so many were missing and in snow drifts from the huge storm and plow onslaught.  I started to see trends I had never seen.  I can tell you when someone moved to town just based on their box…and I am usually correct 🙂   What was once a blur of boxes as I drove by, had suddenly become these little individual monuments to the folks who built them.  Each customized in their own unique way to survive the plows during the winter.

After a couple weeks of melt I decided to take a walk and photograph the mailboxes near my house. I spoke to one neighbor and she said her box is probably over 50 years old–a random fact I learned was that the houses in my town received numbers in 1975.  It was neat trying to guess the personality of the homeowner based on their mailbox.  When I returned home I could not help but try to turn my pictures into a blog post.  I even requested on twitter pictures of other folks mailboxes and received quite a few.  I placed them all into a slide presentation and got ready to write the post…and they sat in a draft since February.  

I have reopened the post several times since, written and deleted many paragraphs trying to make a connection, each time I felt as though I was taking a really cool experience of mine and turning it into a forced moral for someone else and kept coming back to an old teacher’s words. A fantastic storyteller I had as a professor once told a story that lasted for 50 minutes.  She did so without moving…and no one else moved either.  After she finished, one student asked her what the moral of the story was, and she responded by saying that great story tellers never force a moral upon their listeners.  The moral is whatever a listener gets from the story, and it is ok if each listener walks away having had a different experience.

So instead of me writing the post, take a look at the slides below and leave a comment to the connection that can be made to schools, education, teaching, or learning…life.  I know…I know…people are more likely to tweet things out instead of leaving a comment, but have some fun with it. It’s kind of like one of those “make a caption for the picture” contests.  Be witty, smart, funny, silly, serious.  If you’d like, please add your mailbox to the slides, the link is right here.There might be nothing that jumps out, so you will have to be creative and take a risk…you know, like you ask your kids to do!

If you were going to write a post with these images…what would it be about??


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