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Meet someone today that told me the internet needs another blog post on the 17 best Google Chrome extensions that every teacher should have. I figured I should comply with her wishes.

Next week I am helping a colleague introduce Chromebooks and Google Apps to our staff.  After an intro we will be breaking up into groups based on comfort level.  Part of my session will be on extensions.  I just finished making the list of extensions that I have on my mine and figured there might be at least one or two that might be useful to you!


Turn Off the Lights


Url Shortener


Tab Scissors

Save to Google Drive

Adblock for Youtube

Magic Actions for Youtube

Pic Monkey


Black Menu


Awesome New Tab Page


Auto HD for Youtube


Chrome Remote Desktop

Docs Quickly

FVD Downloader



One Tab

Rain Alarm

Stay Focused




  1. Adblock for youtube is fantastic…although I don’t know why it would be specific for teachers. I’ve had a much smoother time on youtube since attaching it to my torch browser, I recommend it for anyone who spends a lot of time on youtube.

  2. Hi Paul

    I think it is also important teachers to have some understanding of browser issues and what to do if you are having browser issues. We get a lot of support requests that are related to browser issues on computers.

    The most common support requests we receive relating to browser issues are caused by extensions and add ons, older versions of Internet Explorer or Internet Explorer being run in compatibility mode.

    If you are having general issues with Chrome just go to Chrome > About Google Chrome and make sure it is updated. Occasionally the issue is it hasn’t automatically updated and you just need to update Chrome.

    The most common signs of a browser issue are:
    1. Not being able to do a specific task e.g. the media uploader not working on Posts > Add New
    2. Words on a web page being hyperlinked to ads.

    Both these two issues in Chrome are caused by extensions. You can confirm it is browser related by testing it on another web browser.

    The ads are caused by malware. You can read about it and how to remove it here – http://botcrawl.com/how-to-remove-text-enhance/

    Here’s some information on Internet Explorer:

    Some schools still only allow Internet Explorer. Those schools that are using Internet Explorer are often using older versions of Internet Explorer.

    Google has now withdrawn support for all versions of Internet Explorer less than 10. Most websites follow Google’s guideline which means if you are using IE 7, IE 8 or IE 9 you will find that increasingly less features will work with some websites.

    If you are using Internet Explorer, and are having issues, then make sure it is not running in compatibility mode. Compatibility mode can prevent lots of features from working.

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