1. Mary Lou Buell


    I see so much value in P-Day as is! Yes, students were mostly focused on sharing hobbies—but the reality is to be successful and healthy in HS they will need to continue to pursue these activities. Also, having the end of year presentation helps get them into the HS mindset of end of year projects and exams. And, it looked like fun, which is such an important association to make with school. I know the topics seem soft, but organization, planning, preparation, and presentation are challenging skills that students need to succeed in HS and life. If topics are “light” the skill set learned and required is not!

    Congratulations and thanks for sharing! I have done genius hour the past 3 years the week before Christmas break. It is not graded, and at the beginning of the week students can’t imagine completing a project for school, and presenting it to the class and not earning credit. Each year they start with a “I’m not doing this” mentality, but are transformed by week’s end. It is so cool to watch! And yes, many of my students present the history of basketball or the history of fashion, but it is called a personal passion project so who are we to judge?

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