Bad Joke Friday

We have a tradition in my class called Bad Joke Friday.  Each Friday we start off class with bad jokes. There really is nothing like sharing a laugh as a class.  Humor stretches our minds and imagination. It relieves anxiety and creates group unity.  It bridges a gap between teacher and student. It releases four hormones and expands our blood vessels.  It even increases our ability to tolerate pain and can be used to diffuse tense situations in the classroom 🙂

Laughing as a class builds consensus, creates a sense of solidarity and intimacy, and communicates a sense of belonging.  Laughing together produces a common ground helps us form a barrier against stress.  Laughing  removes some of the tension and stress that can come along with the learning process.

Laughing together as a class conveys the belief that we are more same, than different.

My class would like to invite you in join us this Friday.  You have two choices.  You can leave your best bad joke in the comments, or if you have an iphone, ipad, or ipod add your joke below in a video.  Here is how you can add your video:
1-Download the app Vimily
2-Sign-up and enter the code DX4Z7W
3-Record your best bad joke and upload

On Fridays we’ll play your jokes in class.  Please share the code above with anyone you know who tells great bad jokes.  If you have an “i” device in school please pass it around your classroom.  If anyone makes a mistake and uploads a video by accident, we can delete it on our end.  We don’t tell any jokes in which the gender, race, ethnicity, of body parts are central to the joke.  We also do not tell any jokes that involve blondes or frog in blenders.  I have left room at the bottom of the post for new jokes.  If your joke gets bumped out I will add more space as needed and it will show up without having to re-record it.

We are really looking forward to hearing jokes from around the country (world??) and feel free to listen to some of our favorites!  Just click on the video below to hear some of the best bad jokes you have ever heard that we have added to spark your funny bone.

If you would like a list of awesome jokes that are appropriate for most teachers and students click here.


  1. I know I’m supposed to leave a bad joke here but I’d rather have my class do the video option…however, they are fifth graders and so although I’ve heard their jokes and they are completely similar to the Friday Bad Joke examples provided, I don’t think they think their jokes are bad. On the contrary, they think they’re quite clever. So I’m thinking of how to handle that. Ok, here’s a joke since I took up all this space: Why did the peanut call the police? Because he was assaulted!

    1. The name “Bad Joke Friday” is a joke 🙂

      I used to simply do Joke Friday. But it is intimidating to tell a joke in front of a class–what if no one laughs? When we changed the name participation went up. Kids aren’t afraid any more. If no one laughs, they laugh because no one laughs and declare it a successful Bad Joke Friday joke 🙂

  2. A University of Texas graduate was driving home one afternoon and noticed a classmate in the middle of a cow pasture, sitting in a rowboat and rowing his heart out. Enraged the driver pulled over, exited the car and said, “John, what do you think you are doing? You are giving every University of Texas graduate a bad name with those antics of yours and if I could swim, I would come out there and punch you in the nose!”

    The original was a blonde joke but I prefer it this way much more 😉

  3. This one may work best if written and then read aloud.

    In a New York Deli:

    F U N E X?
    –S V F X.
    F U N E M?
    –S V F M.
    O K, M N X.

  4. Q: What do you call a sleepwalking nun?
    A: A roamin’ catholic

    Q: What do you call a snarky criminal going down the stairs?
    A: A condescending con descending

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