If you are new to visiting blogs, you might not be comfortable with leaving a comment or even know how!  Well if you look under the title for each post you will see the word “comment.” Clicking on the word “comment”  will open a box that will allow you to leave a comment.  It does wonder to the self-esteem of the blogger if you leave a comment, even a short one.  But most importantly it allows you to enter into a conversation that you might have missed.  The very best blog posts are the ones in which the comments drive the conversation, leaving the post behind.  So if you look all the way at the bottom of each post, you will see the word “comment.”  Click on it and a box will appear.


There will be space for your name and an email address, those are required.  There is also space for a website.  If you don’t have a website that’s ok, but if you are a teacher consider leaving one that links back to your school.  Then fill out the anti-spam word, they can be tricky sometimes 🙂  After all the red tape is finished, leave your thoughts in the box for comments.  It’s just fine to state your opinion, give an example of something you thought about while reading, or tell me why you think I am crazy.  I am especially appreciative of people who call me on my biases.  Under your comment, where that big red arrow is, is a box to check if you want to be notified anytime someone else leaves a comment.  That allows you to read comments that respond to yours, or other comments that just add to the conversation.

If you are new to reading blogs,  welcome to mine!  I hope that you join in the conversation.  I know that when I first started reading blogs I never used to comment.  I never felt like what I was thinking was important enough to leave behind, I never thought what I was thinking was god enough.  Well what you think is important here.  I really do want to hear your thoughts, and I would really, really love it if your first blogging comment was left here.  When you become big and famous, just remember where it all started!

Welcome to Blogush!  Kick up your feet, throw on some tunes, read some posts…and of course, leave some comments 🙂


  1. Please join us on July 8 in our #JDPChat for more on #JDPMag. JDP Mag aims to deliver parents and students college/scholarship information through student-specific research. Each issue is designed to fit the needs of that student. There will be 2 sessions: 11amEST (8am PST) & 2pmEST (11am PST)! Students, parents and educators are welcome to participate with their questions. You can also follow us on Twitter (@JDPMag) for more info. We promise this is not spam! Please spread the word about this. We appreciate it 🙂

  2. Hi, I like this blog, and would like to follow it by getting notifications in my gmail when you post. But I can’t seem to see how to follow you like that. Do you know? Thanks for your great inspiration on this rainy summer day.

  3. Stumbled on this after sharing some information about the book “If you don’t feed the teachers they will eat the students”…. Thanks for all you do and your energy. Keep it coming.

  4. Your old EDUC570 Cohort absolutely misses you…. Arggghhhh. It’s become straight lecture up to and past 8:45 ….5 weeks until summer. I know this wasn’t the place for this comment. 🙂

  5. Hi Paul!

    My name is Laura Bogush and I’m a retired first grade teacher from Northeast Ohio. I’ve been visiting your blog every so often for the last couple of years.

    I teach classes to help teachers use technology in the classroom. I found you a few years ago when I was searching for ways to use video in the classroom and I came across your posts. I just love what you do with your students.

    Anyway, I’ve been meaning to leave a comment and let you know that there is another teacher out here named Bogush who also enjoys teaching and using technology. I’m not a fan of the CCSS either.

    Thanks for sharing your passion for teaching!


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