A New Reality Show–or What would I do if I was not Afraid?

I have an idea for a new reality show.  It’s called “Back to School.”  Take a group of fifteen teachers and put them back into a middle school for one year.  There are no special rules.  They have to simply follow the rules that are already in place.  Each week the one with the lowest grades is marked a failure no matter how hard they tried and is expelled and put on homebound tutoring.

If I was not afraid I would finish this post…but I am afraid that other teachers and adults will read it and would be insulted by what I have to say.  They might find it offensive that the show would make each teacher get permission to use the bathroom only at certain times, or that they would have to do homework at night instead of spending time with their children.  I just wonder what would change if teachers got to experience school through the eyes of a child for one year…or even one day.

What do you think they would come back and change after that experience?

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