Been Caught Speeding…


I listened to a podcast from David Warlick. He is is a god amongst educational podcasters. Mention his name to any one that uses technology in education and they will know his name. The podcast I listened to he recorded at the 2007 NECC convention. He described it as:

Certainly the richest and deepest educational technology conference, probably in the world, NECC offers more to more people about new technologies in education than any other event, and it proves each year to be exhaustingly exhilarating experience — almost a high.

I desperately want to go to NECC. Next year it is in San Antoni, TX. It would cost about $700 to attend. Please save your pennies for me, I am currently looking for a way to raise the funds to attend. In the podcast Warlick talked to a bunch of the ed tech bloggers that attended — I knew every name and felt like I knew them personally. I have read all that they have written and listened to everything that they have podcasted. They are all a huge inspiration to me even though I have never met them. It would be so inspirational and educational to be in their presence. When they were all talking many of them mentioned that they did not go to many of the conferences sessions. One person had not even been to one (this was recorded on the last of four days!). They talked about they got more out of sitting and talking to one another, reflecting on one another’s thoughts. It reminded me how important it is to stop and reflect…and how we have not really done it this year. Class seems to be rushing from one thing to another and there is not a pause in between to reflect on how things are going. I think we need to work more time for discussion in class — slow down a bit. Maybe I am the only one feeling this…am I getting old? Maybe you aren’ t feeling the pressure of completing one podcast but I am feeling the pressure of completing 50+ from the entire team. Just because you can go fast doesn’t mean you should — you miss the scenery. You see more but understand less. I do have one idea for how to possibly do this. It will be the topic of my next post…I hope.

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