Do all teachers model story telling?

Do you tell stories?

Today I told the story about how my dog, who we declared dead last Friday, had actually left my farm and taken over another farm across the valley.  It is a great story about a lost dog, the eccentric man whose farm she had taken over, my chance meeting with an acquaintance who was giving him old cat food to give to my dog, my phone call convincing the man to give me back my dog, and the drive over to his farm and big dog hug he received when he ran across the field to me.  I then followed it up with a reading of the Skeetches by Dr. Seuss as an intro to our unit on editorial cartoons – won’t go into how I connected it here : )  While some teachers never tell a story, and some teachers have their students tell stories, how many teacher’s model storytelling? Sure it’s great that this wave of digital story telling in sweeping the web 2.0 world, I just wonder if the teachers are getting swept up, or just holding the broom.

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