How to squeeze more blogging into a full schedule?

I really want to blog.  But I normally find myself in a quandary when sitting down to write a post.  Add to my blog or read other blogs.  So I have decided to try a new strategy.  Every day I have lots of questions flowing through my brain. So everyday…every other day…once a week I will try to write down one question I pondered in a post.  Simple title.  Lead with the question.  A few lines about why the question popped into my head.  Done.  I think I can handle that.  Then I will get all warm and fuzzy knowing that I am adding something to the blogosphere and possibly increase my technorati from 1,654,252 to 1,654,253.  I really need to get higher than the guy with the blog dedicated to his three legged cat.  I can dream, I believe it is my destiny.

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