Why don’t we include design in our curriculum?

I know, not an origional question.  It was in my head for an hour after school during a workshop on the legalities of IDEA and 504s.  An hour long powerpoint presentation with lots of bullets and text.  Here is a lawyer being paid LOTS of money.  He has a captive audience, they have to be here, and can’t leave.  I guess all the extra time it woyuld have taken to make it more appealing was not worth it.  It was our responsibility to just sit, listen, and learn.  Come to think of it…teachers get paid to “train” a captive audience that has to be there and can’t leave.  They don’t get any extra pay to make the class interesting and spend extra time to design presentations that suck kids in.  I spent four hours picking slides for a 3o minute powerpoint on editorial cartoons.  I could have spent less time on the design and spent four minutes picking my slides. That would have given me alot of extra time.  When your kids are working on presentations of any kind — visual, audio, written — do you spend any time helping them design an engaging presentation?  Can you?  Should you?  All kids should be taught how to create final products that are “sticky.”

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