What have you learned from your students?

What do you learn from your students?

Learning in a classroom should be two-way…actually how many combinations can you make with 26 people in the room. If teachers are observant, if open channels of communication exist, teachers should be learning from their students’ everyday.

Today I learned the most incredible thing. It might be the most exciting thing I learned all week. You know that song that is played to introduce the Chicago Bull’s players…can you hear it in your head? Nothin’ goin’ on up there…then click here. Ok now that you have the tune in your head – I want to come into the classroom everyday with that music playing, blaring from loudspeakers, with spotlights swerving back and forth. How cool would that be? Yesterday I was telling the kids about how I always dreamed of being able to do that, and today a student (Thanks MC!!) came in with the name of the band and song title. Within 60 seconds I had it downloaded from iTunes and the class was rocking. That made my day. Simple things…

Then within five minutes another student proposed a solution to a problem we were having. We had just finished a collaborative project with a class from VA with 100 kids on our end. Another school was interested in doing the same project with us but my kids voted to take a break and we had to write back that we could not participate. Today a student proposed an idea on how to accomplish the project with a small break-out group of ten students – a solution I never saw from a perspective I never considered. Thanks kids.


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