Why Technology?

Tim Holt recently wrote a post asking people to give their 500 words about why they use technology:

I thought it would be nice to see what all of us “edubloggers” and podcasters in educational technology really believe about education technology.

Why do you do it?

Why do you think it is important?

Who is listening to you?

I want to hear from you. I want to start the conversation about why you do what you do in education technology. What drives you?

Here are the rules:

Can be written or multimedia. ( I chose to record my essay).It cannot be longer than 500 words.

Here is my response with transcript below…feel free to leave a comment on it. Place your cursor on the little “ball” going across the timeline and then click on the “+” sign to leave a written or video comment. Enjoy…wha ha ha….

Almost everyone’s answer I have listened to or read has gone well over 500 words. So because I play by the rules and am not a rebel, here is my answer in exactly 499 words. Hopefully it will be a bit different from all the others:

I believe technology should be infused into our class to connect connect connect. Before discovering 2.0 tech stuff I was like Tom Hanks in that movie where all he did was talk to the ball stuck on an island. I was just looking for a way to survive and get off of my island classroom. Every bottle I threw out for help came back with a message saying you’re crazy, stay on your island. Using technology allowed me and my crazy idea island full of weirdness to connect with other like minded islands. What I realized is that I was actually part of a huge island chain that stretched across the world. My discovery last year nearly blew up my brain with all of the stuff I was doing and learning! I developed health problems and had to practice meditational breathing techniques to relax, was sleeping like three hours a day. I read and listened to everything that had to do with 2.0 stuff…I am not kidding…I even went through the archives. I am so pumped that my kids are starting to make connections with their blogs wikis and podcasts – from Texas to Australia, talking to small children and interviewing old men — By dipping into this pool of knowledge, the connections they make will lead to a world that is a little less scary, a little kinder, and a whole lot wiser.

I believe we should use technology to create create create products that can be used by other people. I can’t even remember the last time we did something in class that ended up in the garbage can. Practically everything we’ve made was created for a specific predetermined audience that the students met either live or at the very least through their blogs and wikis. These creations will be digested and accessible to people for a long time. It really neat to see what links to our wiki – the kids find it amazing that other teachers have chosen their work to use at professional training sessions and with individual classrooms. Who in the world would expend energy and spirit creating something that will just be for a grade, and then just thrown out. Blah! We create create create for real, for people to use now, not to prepare us to be able to make things in the so called real world that they are supposedly entering in seven years. They are in the real world now—they should be creating for people today—thinking inside the box? Nah…the kid’s innovation broke the box months ago.

I believe we should be using technology, and listen carefully because I am going to use some technical jargon here…because its cool cool cool. Come on…the reason I started doing this stuff is because it is just plain cool. Do you really need another reason?

I believe in using technology because kids get into constant state of connecting and creating…How cool is that!

If you would like to join us, just ask.


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