There is a kimillionzillion readings on the potential impact of our kids not learning 21st Century survival skills, but what about our teachers?  I am not talking about just the veterans. I mean all teachers, all subjects.  I don’t see teachers desiring any change– how long would change even take if it was “forced.”  How long would it take for a teacher to go from putting numbers on a board to a year’s worth of conceptual authentic learning that the kids could place in context?  How long would it take for a teacher to go from making their kids memorize the capitals of all the countries they are studying to talking live with people in those countries?  Most teachers I know have zero interest in 2.0 tools.  I might be off here, but I can’t recall a single person in my building who has asked me even one question about any of the tools I use, why I use them, or the impact they have on instruction — which means there is no interest or I am just totally and completely  wrong about hopping on the bandwagon, a thought which has seriously crossed my mind several times.  A list of all of the “Teachers-of-the-year” for each of our schools was just released and I “googled” most of them and did not find one that had an online presence(only did the first two pages of google ; ).  How many years until change starts shaking the foundation of my building?  My guess….15 years.

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