Do you believe every kid does their best?

I do.  Even when they haven’t contributed in two weeks.  Even when they are a pain in my butt.  Even when they are rude.  Even when they tell you that they don’t care.  Everyone tries their best.  Maybe their best is not what you expect, but it is the best they can do in that moment.  Sorry…I am just getting tired of listening to people complain about their kids not working to their potential, or being bored, or not listening, or not remembering something, or failing, or (fill in blank).  There have been sooooo many days in the last year that I came in and did not do a perfect job as a teacher.  There are days I would have given myself a “B” and days when I would have given me an “F.”  But no one did.  I could come in and cruise through a day without any one questioning me, checking my lesson plans, or grading me when I was down.   Even on the days I would have gotten an “F” I was doing my best under the circumstances.  Instead I am known for my “A” days.  Everyone seems to ignore the “F” days.  But when a kid has a crappy week there goes 10% of their grade for the quarter.  I have a crappy month and there is still the same amount in my paycheck each week.  I don’t know…think I am starting to whine, starting to ramble…what’s going on with these last two posts…someone finish this post for me…

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