Can you give me some 1:1 help?

I have been working on a grant (still in rough draft form) to make my class a 1:1 laptop room(due this week!). I am really questioning some of my writing, and especially my choice of laptops(at this point Macbooks). They would be used for blogging, podcasting, working our our wiki, streaming video, video conferencing, making movies, that sort of stuff. I have a few questions that I am hoping someone could help me with. Some might overlap.

If you had $16,000 and twenty-five kids what kind of laptops would you buy?

Buy “bigger” laptops and make the class a 1:2, or buy smaller ones(Asus or Mini Note) and make the class a 1:1?

Buy or lease?

Get more laptops with the basic warranty, or buy fewer and buy the extended warranty?

Thank you so much for any opinions and help!

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