How much do you and your classroom change each year?

Came upon an interesting comment on dkzody’s blog that she left in response to another reader’s comment:

“Education is the one career where you have a clean stop and start each year. You can always see the end of the tunnel.”

That is so true. Every year I teach I start off as a totally different person. Each year I grow and change so much and look forward to reinventing myself for the next year. Extending Moore’s Law to me as a classroom teacher, I think that every two years my classroom changes so much that it bears no resemblance to the previous years. Hmmm…I just went through my seventeen years and it does hold true. I can say with certainty that the kids that graduated three years ago would not recognize my current classroom(of course not talking about aesthetics). I plan on talking about some of the changes in my end-of-school fiesta post.

So…click on that little word “comment” and tell me what is the biggest way in which you have changed in the last two years? And what sparked that change. (Note that the question is not — What is the biggest change you have made? Subtle difference)

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