What is the profile of a successful 21st Century teacher? or Is it the apples or is it the chef?

Have you heard some version of this question lately in the 2.0 zone?
Has what is considered “good teaching” changed?

Can that be altered to:
Has what is considered to be a good teacher changed?

Can that be altered to:
Should we be hiring different types of people to be teachers?

I have read and heard so much talk about how to get current teachers “up-to-date.” Not just with 2.0 tools and integrating technology into their classrooms, but simply starting with making a unit conceptual, making a connection to a kids life, individualizing the learning, and having the learning be authentic and useful.

If you gave a bushel of bad apples to a great chef what could they make with them? Everything they tried would have an off-taste, they could dump a load of sugar in, put ice cream on top but that would just hide the fact that the main ingredient and the heart of the recipe has a problem. I feel bad for all the technology teachers who are putting their hearts into trying to make changes in their school and no one is listening. Maybe they don’t need to create a different hook, or a different story, or show the staff what needs would be meet…maybe it’s the apples.

Is our problem the apples, or the chefs?

What is the profile of a successful 21st Century teacher? What does a 21st Century teacher need to be able to do with their students that a 20th Century teacher did not have to do? To be clear, anything you think of or comment should not be something that 20th Century teachers should have been doing but didn’t, it should be something brand new that a 20th century teacher would not have been expected to do with their students in order for them to be successful in their world.

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