What are your kids responsible for?

I am going to ask the question again.

What are your kids responsible for? Don’t keep reading until you have some answers in your head.  You with the bunny slippers–stop reading and get some answers in your head.

Now with the answers in your head…

Do those responsibilities impact anyone’s life? or are they pretend responsibilities.  Like they have the responsibility to do their homework so they will get a good grade so they will get into a good college so they will get a good job so they will have a happy life.

So what was the last authentic assignment they had?  An assignment that had real world implications if they did not uphold their responsibilities.  An assignment that did not mimic the “real world,” or role model players in the “real world,” but one that contributed and made a difference in the “real world.”  The world they are living in right this second, not the “real world” of their future.

You are suppose to be influencing them, who are they influencing?

You are asking them questions, who are they asking questions to?

You are teaching them, who are they teaching?

You are supposed to be creating lasting memories in their minds, but how many times did your kids have to study for a test or quiz and put things into short-term memory?

You have to met their needs, whose needs are they meeting?

You teach them to write, but who do they write for?

You are suppose to be an agent of change, what do they get to change?

You get to help them with their problems, who do they get to help?

You show them the world, who do they show their world to?

You prepare them to be productive members of society, what products have did they create and send out to society?

You teach them to communicate, who do they communicate with?

You are planning lessons that will allow them to be prepared in the future for the “real world,” what lessons are you giving them in which they will leave being more prepared for today?

Real kids need real responsibilities…

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