What kind of picture will you hang?

I arrived at school today to find a note on my desk. A piece of paper folded in half with Mr. Bogush written on the top and one of those chicka girlie hearts that only a teenager could draw.

I opened it up and inside was written:

6th Grade–sketching a picture (what will yours be?)

7th Grade–Outlining and coloring (will yours be dull or bright?)

8th Grade–Are you proud of what you made? Do you want to hang it up?

Will you?

Email me and I’ll describe mine to you.

Signed (student from last year)

A great story teller once told me never to interpret a story for an audience. So I will leave her note to you the way it was left for me, with no interpretation. It did make me think that only now after 40 years of living am I getting close to being ready to “hang” my picture up.

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