October is officially Positive Posting Month on Blogush

I was looking back at many of my blog posts and there seems to be a common thread amongst many of them—they all are about problems I encounter in school. I think I am losing my positive energy…no, I know I am losing my positive energy. What has happened to me? I have become “one of them” without me noticing. It’s really hard to find a positive post on this blog. Even the ones that might seem positive to someone, came from a negative experience. Ickk. It seems every post has been written for me to vent some frustration and allow me to spread my anguish to the blogosphere. Double Ickk. I need to find a way to replenish my spirit, my energy, my sense-of-humor bank. I think I have to center myself on the most positive people I know—all of my kids. They come in smiling each day and somehow I miss it. I need to get totally absorbed in their smiles, their laughs, their energy. I need to somehow lock out the rest of the world each period and be drawn into theirs. I would love to say that I should also hang out with more positive people but I simply don’t know many. I need to talk more about positive things that are occurring in school, but can only think of one or two people that would be willing to have that conversation.

So I am declaring October my “Positive Posting and Plurking Month” I will only write about things that will life my spirit up. It’s that simple. No complaining. No writing about how I wish something would change. I wonder if there would be interest in a Positive Plurk Day. For you Plurkers out there, imagine if on one day every plurk you read was positive. Every single one. You would not have to even look to find them, your screen would be full of positive vibes. If you have ever been in a room in which everyone is laughing you know how it changes your outlook on life for that moment. Maybe if everyone blogged, plurked, and talked a little more positively we would attack problems from a positive frame of mind, and we would solve them differently because we would have an attitude that allows us to see our challenge in a new light that the fog of cynicism and negativity clouded over.


I know there are positive bloggers, plurkers, podcasters, and people. I am just in a mood in which I don’t want to have to look for them by wading through the others. I don’t want a 60/40 split. Just for one day I want to have only 100% positive energy coming from my computer and from my interactions with colleagues. I don’t want to process negative energy for just one day. I am bringing this up in the blogosphere because I think I would have a better chance of convincing people to do it here, than I would in my teacher’s room. So what do you say? Want to declare a day and give it a try? On my blog I would have a post with links to every participating blogger’s post. If you are a “friend” of mine on plurk, all you would have to do is Plurk Positive for one single day. I am not asking for a year, a month, or even a week. Just one day. Will you join me? Pick a day…

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