My Vote Did Not Count

I thought long and hard about who I voted for in the 2008 Presidential Election.  I am a social studies teacher and spent about three weeks on election activities so I knew quite a bit about the big two and more about third party candidates.  I was undecided right up until the night before the election when I made my choice.  I strutted into the town hall with my daughters at my side and with great enthusiasm filled out my ballot. Yep, that’s my ballot below–click on it for a better view.

I did an entire slide show of me going through the voting process to show my class.  They were VERY eager to find out who I was voting for.  I tried my best to remain unbiased in the weeks leading up to the election and told them I would reveal who I voted for the day after.  Within minutes of putting this image up, a student stated that it was too bad my vote didn’t count.  Yea, very funny wise guy.  Then I felt myself start sweating as I realized he was correct.  I even called the town registrar today who verified my students observation.  Two classes later another student pointed out that all my other votes probably didn’t count either.  I am not telling you why they don’t count, you’ll have to figure it out on your own.

Big ol’ smarty pants me with how many college degrees and years of teaching kids couldn’t even follow some simple directions on this O’ so important day.  Instead of an optical scanner, it might have as well been a shredder.

One thing I know for sure is that the next time a kid in my class forgets to follow the directions it sure won’t bother me.

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