I am very lucky…

I might have the very best group of kids I have ever had in my life this year.  They are totally putting up with me trying to re-write my teaching book and figure out how to integrate technology into our lessons as we create, communicate, and collaborate with folks from around the world–and try to adjust to block scheduling.  What has really blown me away is how they have taken ownership of their blogs and simply become the best middle school bloggers in the world.  I can give then that award right?  I had them fill out a very simple survey made with a google form embedded into our wiki.  At this point in the year they probably have had 16-20 posts that were “official” class assignments.  What follows are the results from two questions from the first 25 responses so far–keep in mind they have had these blogs for just over two months:

I know, I know.  There is more to blogging than just the number of posts and the number of comments you get.  And I know that there is a group of kids who only do the minimum requirements on the or blogs….but still…

I also wished I had asked them to take out the comments from kids on our own team.  I bet that at least 75% of the comments they receive are from kids and adults from other states and countries.  I just checked and after I started blogging last October it took me 5 months to get a comment from someone other than my students.

As we move into our second quarter I had planned to start to be more critical of the writing on their blogs.  Try to push them to write a bit more, be a bit more insightful, and add a few things to each post to make them more engaging.  I do hesitate now after reflecting on some of their stats from the first quarter.  I feel as though in many ways, they are better bloggers than myself.  They certainly have more readers, more comments, and take the time to keep their blogs updated.  I am considering just hanging back and seeing what happens.  Even if nothing changes from now until the end of the year, I still think they are the best middle school bloggers in the world-do I want to mess with that?

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