Committees Shamittees

I was reading a post from Aldon Hynes on Connecticut School’s Three Year Technology Plans.  Aldon lives in a town next door to me, and we share a regional high school.  It made me reflect on just how effective a group of teachers would be in creating and implementing such a plan.  I worry about schools that are not integrating technology coming up with a plan on how to integrate technology into the day-to-day life of students all on their own.  If they knew how, wouldn’t they already be doing it?  Would they need a committee?  Wouldn’t teachers seeking the very best for their students have already slowly been integrating technology into their curriculum? The results might be a school that uses more technology, but just in place of notebooks and pencils.  A school that invests in stuff–hardware, software, but has no idea how to use it effectively. 

Can the current teachers really create change in schools?  I would bet that if you took a survey of all teachers, the majority would see no problems with what is being done in classrooms today.  They might dislike administration, cleanliness of their building, or the age of their textbooks.

But if they saw the need for change, if they saw how today’s system is not preparing kids for tomorrow, wouldn’t they already be doing something about it?

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