7 Things you don’t know about me


I have been a little down latley.  It seemed as though every blogger out there that I read has been tagged for the “7 Things you don’t know about me” meme–except me.  Geez, it’s like not getting a invite to the party that all the cool kids are going to.  So I am happy to say I am finally one of the cool kids thanks to Bill’s tag! (and tagged again by Jess Muculloch!) So let’s see, seven things you don’t know about me are:

1- I am a heavy metal fanatic.  Love being in the front row of a concert surrounded by people with long hair and tattoos.  I used to have a heavy metal podcast that made it into the top ten in iTunes. I lead a student metal/punk band that played at the 8th Grade outings each year.  Iron Maiden is my favorite band of all time!  On the turntable right now is Dokken, Ratt, and Dio.

2- I spent my college summers leading backpacking trips out to the Rocky Mountains.  Out in the middle of no where for two weeks.  On one trip on the way back we stopped in North Dakota and were camped out on the edge of a plateou.  We were run out of our sleeping bags early in the morning by a heard of buffalo.  We went over the edge and dug into the side trying to avoid the herd.

3-I used to communte to school on my bike.  The lowest temperature I ever biked in was -2 degrees.

4-Almost all the meat I eat is produced on my farm. I have had to stick my hand inside of a goat to deliver a kid.  I kill my own chickens, and have a small herd of very rare heirloom sheep.

5-I spent ten years teaching at the worst most challenging school on the planet.  It was everything that was wrong with public education in one building.  If you think you can imagine what it is like to teach in the worst most challenging inner city school, you can’t–it is a different world.  I never for a second wish that I would have started my career anywhere else. I am still recovering from it, and  I still feel guilty about leaving.  While there I started my transition from being a traditional detention/test/homework/disciplinarian teacher to the odd-ball teacher I am today.

6-I really, really, really want to be a college professor!  My favorite time in the classroom is when I am working with student teachers.  I would love the opportunity to totally mess-up kid’s minds and give them a completly different take on how to “teach.” I can’t quite figure out the path to get there.  It seems as though all professors have a PhD or have done some great research, writing, or other projects.  I don’t see those credentials getting onto my resume until AF (after kids).

7-I am Santa Clauss.  Really I am. I am Santa for our town’s winter festival.  It is a really cool gig making kids smile all day.  Making kids smile really energizes my spirit.  My thesis for my 6th year was actually about using humor in the classroom.

So there ya go.  Now to pass it on and tag other bloggers.

The following bloggers can consider themselves tagged:

Steve Kimmi

Dan Callahan

Terry Shay

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and the last two students that commented on my Blog!

Mallorie and Brian

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