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Ines Pinto recently wrote a great post on her blog entitled The Bloggers of the Future.  She reminds us that it is important to just not follow and support adult bloggers, but also the bloggers of the future.

I believe that young bloggers are already playing an active part in the renewal of our era; that the fragile web they are weaving with their written words conceal the power to multiply and deepen friendly connections as the foundations of a different society: the one that will find its joy in sharing and thus will be healthier, more happy, more free.

When was the last time you left a comment on a kid’s blog?  After blogging with my kids I can tell you that a comment from an adult, goes just a bit farther than a comment from a kid.  It means that they have the respect of the blogging community.  It means that they impressed an adult just long enough to make them pause to become apart of their conversation.  I recently told my kids to stop saying “Hello, I am from Mr. Bogush’s class” whenever they leave a comment on an adult blog.  That they can consider themselves an equal contributor to the blogosphere and do not have to feel intimidated or anxious about entering a conversation on a blog.  Their words are taken from a perspective that adult bloggers no longer can see.  I think that they can bring a unique point-of-view to the blogosphere and should be supported by the community that they don’t hope to be apart of someday, but are a part of right now.  So please, take the time this week to visit at least one kid’s blog, whether it’s an individual blog, or a classroom blog, and encourage them to continue taking an “active part in the renewal of our era.”

If you have a class that blogs, please leave your URL in the comments.

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