Andrew Jackson can wait…

I just returned from a wake for a student that graduated a few years ago. So many kids there were hurting. So many kids had no idea what was going on and what tomorrow would bring. Wednesday they will all go back to school. They will all sit back in their chairs and stuff their thoughts so they can take notes, tests, and have discussions on the merits of Andrew Jackson’s Presidency. Those that don’t do that will see their grades drop. I hope for all of them, that at least one adult in their life up at the high school will throw away the damn books for at least a day and help guide them through this. I hope that at least one adult will put a hand on someone’s shoulder and support them. Someone standing in line mentioned that his sister was staying strong through this. She was not being emotional or letting it affect her. I hope my students’ teachers are not as strong. I hope that at least for the next few days they are “weak” and talk to the students as they go through their own healing process, or if they were not affected, help talk the students through theirs. Just as students need role models for writing and behavior, they also need role models to learn how to deal with tragedies. So many kids are hurting. I just hope their tears are not ignored. Andrew Jackson is not gong anywhere. He can wait until next week.

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