I don’t want to change the world…

I don’t want to change the world…just one little school.

Here’s the scenario. You have a fifth grader and a first grader. You live in a small town. One K-6 elementary school. Two principals. One superintendent. One board of education. You want to change the way things are going in the school, not just one class. Things such as the amount of homework, integrating technology and more progressive methods of teaching.  You can’t have a five year plan.  By that time you youngest will be out of school. You are doing this as a parent, not a teacher.

Do you aim your energy at the kid’s teacher each year, the principal, the superintendent, or the board of education?

Do I even bother with the elementary school or aim higher–middle school, or high school?

I think next year might be the year I get off my butt and actually open my mouth and I am trying to figure out where to start.

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