Fight the dragon with humor!

My wife bought me a shirt yesterday.  I rejected it.  I told her it made me look like an old man.  She said I was an old man. Grumpf humpft urhhah!  Come on, if I was an old man could I have had a deep life changing discussions like this with my kids today during our lav/locker break?

Me-Mary can you please take a few steps back away from Jane

Mary-Why do I have to be the one to move away, why can’t she step back?!

Me-Because if Mary moved back she would walk into the wall.

Mary-Well then why can’t she step forward.

Me- Because then she would step on your feet.

Mary-Why do I have to always be the one to move?

Me-Because you are the one who always argues with her everyday.

Mary-I never argue with her

Me-You are right, I am actually in a fantasy world right now.  In my world you argue everyday. I know it is not reality, but those of us currently living in my fantasy would appreciate it if you could please step back.  And since it is my fantasy world I will have a dragon appear if you do not.

Student 1-Could I have a castle in our fantasy world!

Student 2-I want a draw bridge

Student 3-There has to be a fair maiden

Me-Can I have a really shiny sword?

Student 4-As long as there are alligators in the moat

Me-Fine, just as long as they don’t eat my goose that lays the golden eggs.

And so the story ends.  Mary at some point moved away , saving the villagers from the dragon. Everyone lived happily ever, forgetting that there was even a disagreement in the Kingdom.  Tomorrow maybe someone will call someone a name and I’ll get to be a pirate.

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