The temporary benefits of standardized testing

Connecticut has been under the spell of the Connecticut Mastery Tests(CMTs) for the past two weeks. Every morning the kids take a test that lasts from 47-70 minutes.  A common practice of schools is to eliminate or greatly reduce homework during the time of the CMTs.  I would just like to share a snippet of a conversation from dinner table tonight.

Mom: Do you have any homework tonight?
Daughter: Just math
Mom: That’s it?
Daughter: We don’t much homework during the CMTs
Mom: Why not?
Daughter: Because they want us rested so we will do well on the tests
Dad (in his head): So they don’t want you rested to do well the rest of the year?

Tonight I got to spend time wrestling with my girls and then we even had time left over to go to the library together because they did not have much homework to do.

standardized tests + CMT homework policy = more family time

For one night, I was a huge supporter of standardized testing.

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