Where’s the vision?

The first of the many political flyers to hit my mailbox came today.  In my little town we have elections in May.  Today the one for the Republican Board of Education candidates arrived today.  I was very interested to read it because this is the first election since my kids entered school in 2007.  After experiencing two years of our community school, I was eager to hear about their ideas on how they were going to make some changes and what they had planned to improve the education that my children are receiving.  Three candidates, three big paragraphs.  I have included all the sentences from each profile below that had anything to do with what they were planning on doing when they were on the Board of Education.  So in other words, once you take out where they grew up, what their job is, and how many children they have, here is what was left:


Candidate #1-My fiscal conservatism will balance the needs of paying for an excellent education with the needs of keeping taxes low as possible.

Candidate #2-Physical fitness and the health of our children is a top focus of mine.

Candidate #3-I want our children to get the best education available, but am equally concerned about how effectively the community’s tax dollars are being spent. I am very frugal and will do everything I can do to ensure that we are getting the best value for our money.


Where’s the vision? 

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