Instant Discipline?

With an “academically challenged student” we don’t expect them to learn all the skills and content they are missing on the first day. We don’t teach them something and then if they can’t do it immediately give them consequences. We differentiate, review, we use all sorts of modalities to engage, and if everything we try doesn’t work we try something else. We expect to see progressive growth from day one until the end of the year.

Why don’t we take this approach with kids who are “behavior challenged?”  Why do teachers expect to tell them something once and then if they don’t do it “punish” them.  What if teachers approached behavior just like academics.  Teach it, review it, reinforce it, opps you made a mistake lets try it this way, here’s why its important, here’s how it impacts your life, your future, and if that doesn’t work try something totally different expecting not an immediate turnaround but slow growth over the course of the year.

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