Don’t prepare your kids for the future…

The following question was tweeted today:

“Classroom of the Future” “Classroom for the Future” “21st Century Classroom” “Digital Learning?” Which sound better? Any other suggestions?”

My suggestion would be “The classroom for today.”

Teachers should not teach kids skills that they will need in the future. Chew on that for a second. Learning occurs because kids can connect what is being taught to a previous experience and apply it to current experiences. They don’t hold on to something hoping that someday they will find some use for it. Their brains relinquish what is not immediately usable, and implant what they can use immediately. When a student teacher plans a unit, one of the questions I ask is how can they use the skills in this unit “today.”

Think about the last lesson you taught. What were they able to use from the lesson immediately? Did they learn something they could apply immediately to their lives? Or was it something that they might use years from now or worse yet, something that they will never need to be able to do or remember after the “test.”

Don’t get your kids ready for the future.

Don’t get your kids ready for the “21st Century.”

Go into class each day and get them ready for today.

Teaching kids for today will have them prepared to create the future.

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