First Impressions

Now that it is the end of school, I find myself examining the start of school.  What did we do at the beginning that is causing us to end the way we are (both good and bad)?  I really liked my first day, the first impression I gave the kids.  It reminds me of a passage from a book by William Glasser:

I don’t want to start with threats.  They’re an admission of weakness, an admission that a lot of what I teach isn’t very interesting and that I’m worried about losing control.  Besides, before I even get to know them, I’m anticipating trouble and telling them that at the first sign of it, I’m going to clamp down.

First impressions last for 30 days.  The first day really lays the ground work the year, and should not just be considered a day to hand out lists of rules, supplies, and the course syllabus.

What kind of impression do you make on the first day?  Do the kids want to come back for day 2?  Would you?

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