Today was the last day of regular classes.  The class in the video below was chosen because the sound quality is the best.  As the day went on and we had to turn on all the fans it it became difficult to get clear audio.  This class was also the shortest so I had to cut short some of the transitions in between each activity.  In the classes that were not cut short the period played out as more of a single story from beginning to end.  The sand/rock/jar part is hard to see, and I did it a bit differently than usual because I used it in the beginning of the year so did not have to give the complete story, intro, and conclusion.  If you ever get to see it in person or have the opportunity to do it it is awesome. This class is almost identical to the first class of the year.  I do some of the same stories and books, and play a different song.  It “closes” the circle…or does it open some doors?

One thing that I wish you could see are the kids faces. As I go into the stories many heads start looking down, looking up once in awhile.  Their faces are precious.  Joy, wonder, sadness, regret..a potpourri of emotions.

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