“Because I just wanted to be creative…”

On the first day of school I read to the kids Gerald the Giraffe.  An audio recording is below:

Gerald the Giraffe

At the end of the book we talk about finding that cricket in all of us,  listening to  it, and letting it drive the creative spirit in each of them–even in school.  At the end of class I give the students a “Million Word Assignment” that is due the next day.  This year I got a little surprise.  I didn’t receive an assignment on paper or through email, but a video instead.  The video is below–I recommend watching it on youtube and clicking on “more info” and following along with the script he provided.

I asked the student if I could share the video, and as I left I asked a simple question…”Why did you do it as a video?”  He answered, “Because I just wanted to be creative.”

How many other kids “just want to be creative?”  Have you given your kids permission to “just be creative?”

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